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Dreamland Initiative

”Sleep tight, maggots!” – The Drill Admiral

Dreaming of becoming a Dream Agent? Why not, but keep in mind that, in this job, napping at work may involve some occupational hazards!

Dreamland Initiative is a roleplaying game set in the universe of Dreams of Altaine. The players take the roles of hapless Dream Agents who have been chosen as volunteers in a military-run dreamspace scouting operation. The Agents face a subconscious interpretation of alien worlds and their own traumas and pasts even as the dream slowly deteriorates into chaos around them.

G&T game designer Samuli regurlarly blogs about his ideas and work. See what he can tell you about the design progress of Dreamland Initiative: Domain of Man


”Not to worry you, but the first time will probably be the most sensible one. You don’t know what you are doing, everything seems so vivid and you just kind of cruise through the whole thing. Still, things will be weird. Oh yes, they will be weird indeed.” – Agent Kat Hulking, Group Delta 7